XAMPP Installation Error:Port 80 or 443 already in use.Apache2.2 service failed.

pot 80 in use - xaamp error

As you know, we had started wpfunda.com to share WordPress knowledge. so, first step towards learning WordPress and starting blogging carrier is to learn How To install WordPress.IF you already have a hosting account then you can easily Setup WordPress. But Learning WordPress and experimenting with  WordPress configurations on your hosting account is not reliable and not advisable for beginners .

so, to learn WordPress, we can setup WordPress on yourLocal Computer which is having Wondows Operating System Installed.

This will be feature post which teach you to Install WordPress on Windows Xp Computer. Before that, Your computer have Apache server Installed on your computer:Following tools & utilities required to setup WordPress Locally

  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • A progam called XAMPP
  • the latest version of WordPress
  • the text editor of your choice.

In this Article  i m going to cover, Setting Apache,My SQL Server and related services on Windows Computer.

How to Install XAMPP Server on Local Machine

XAMPP is you Apache engine and it will run your local WordPress installation.

Also, every online installation of WordPress requires a MySql database to be set up in order to run, and XAMPP comes with MySql inside it as well.

Let’s just say you can’t run your local WordPress installation without it.

Xampp Installation Errors and Fixes :

After you have installed Xampp on your hard drive, running Mysql, Tomcat, Filezilla, Mercury and other add on components seems to be fairly easy. However, Apache, an essential component needed for your local server may refuse to run.

This usually happens because in some cases another program might be using port 80 ( the port Apache is assign to in C:xamppapacheconfhttpd.conf ) and Apache is unable to start.

These are the errors you may encounter In case of your Port :80 is in used by some other Application.

You’ve received an error message advising you that your port is already occupied.

  1. XAMPP Installation Error:Port 80 or 443 already in use.Apache2.2 service failed.

Do you have Skype installed? It’s a known issue that if Skype was installed before XAMPP it will occupy port 80 which is the port that XAMPP needs to communicate with your Internet connection. There’s an easy fix for this problem.

Solution :  Open up Skype and go to Tools and select Options. From the list that appears select Advanced and then Connection. There will probably be a check mark inside where it says “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections” just unchecked that box and save your changes.

Skype will still function normally and now XAMPP will be able to use port 80 to run.

  1. Warning: file_get_contents(lang.tmp) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream:

Solution: No such file or directory all this means is you need to create a lang.tmp file and add it to your XAMPP folder. So open up Notepad++ and you will already have a new blank file open.

Go to File and do a Save As name your file lang.tmp and save it to C:XAMPPhtdocsxampp

You can verify your successful installation by looking at Xampp Control panel which will shows “Running” status message in case you installed Xampp successfully.

Alternatively,you can check your Apache Server configured properly or not By Following step:

Now open up your browser (it doesn’t matter which one, IE, Firefox, or Flock) and type this in your address bar: http://localhost/ and press enter. Welcome to the XAMPP index screen.

I the next tutorial, I will Explain Step by Step How to Install WordPress on local Machine.till that be familiar with Xampp Installations and Settings :).


  1. zeeshan

    i m very very thankful to u it solve my problem thanks once again

  2. jaseena

    I dont have Skype on my PC but still i’m getting this error.
    Which application may be causing it?

  3. met

    hi,sorry i followed ur way but still i get the same error ??? I did changes in skype but again i get the same error,meaning Apache can not start or run,MySql and FileZila are running…any other solution ????…thanks met

  4. Wordpress Expert


    You can stop local IIS service, and try again.100% it will work :)

  5. reygie

    Thank you. Great help! God bless

  6. Rodrigo

    How can i change the XAMPP port from 80 to 8080?

  7. chindy

    Hey i uninstalled microsoft IIS and skype but i still get the same error.
    Are there any other programms that are using this ports

  8. yby

    Change the port to 8080 go to xampp directory than apache/conf/ Open httpd.conf for Edit it look and change Listen 0.0:80 to Listen 8080 and ServerName localhost :80 to ServerName localhost :8080.

  9. hira kayani

    Still getting the same error:
    Apache2.2 service failed, Port 80 or 443 already in use.

    I have tried both skype and local ISS service thng :s
    Need help!!! is there anything else to check ?

  10. moon

    Thanks.It is really useful :)

  11. kausalya

    hi, i uninstalled skype, re-installed xampp but still getting the same error.. please help me

  12. Ahsan

    Oh my God, you saved my day! This skype is really annoying! :(

  13. Suraj Singh

    Thanks ,and Thanks a lot…………………….

  14. Sean Dwayne

    I don’t have skype and it’s still not working… Help Please!

  15. om

    I changed the skype setting but it didn’t work because my skype was still open even after changing setting. After I signed out and completely closed skype I was able to start Apache.

  16. Carnix

    Hi – had the same problem just now. My first thought was it was the local IIS, so I re-configured it to use port 81. Still didn’t work. I googled up this page and though… hm. I don’t have skype installed (I use my iphone for that exclusively) but.. I DO have Trillian — I know, not totally related, but there is a skype plugin for it, although I don’t use it. I also happened to have Pandora One running in the try (I’m on Windows 7 btw). I closed Trillian completely and also Pandora (so, can’t say which it really was — I’d bet on Trillian though) and then clicked on Start in the XAMPP control panel and, now I have a pretty green Running icon. Yay me! Hope this helps.

    If you don’t have these running, think of any other program you have running that might be communicating over the web — many times they use either port 80 or 443 because nearly all corporate firewalls leave those ports open both ways but lock down others for security reasons — so, try shutting down any other apps you have that are connected online — IMs, internet radio, port scanners (you hacker you), whatever. You’re mileage may vary, but it’s worth a go…. worked for me anyway.

  17. Ricardo

    Chek if you use Vmware or another program to virtual machines !!

    Inside Vmware Workstation go to Edit–> preference –> Shared Vms click in Change Settings, and change port number to 445, or another number, and apply it. check if you use firewall, and go to firewall rules inside windows in control painel and check if apache is forwarded, and if you use anti virus like Avast, check it too in firewall, do not install xampp inside programefiles(x86)/,

    By !

  18. Adi Rian

    Oh Jezz, I was planning to uninstall my windows because my apache keep not working even though I reinstalled few times, but finally I read skype issue and now working perfectly. Thanks buddy for your help

  19. ericmorgan

    many thanks for admin, very helpfull !!!!
    it’s work

    regds from newbie

  20. santiyana

    hey bro .
    i have also same problem . i have uninstalled skype from my laptop and it doesn’t work. i read your guide and suggestions suddenly i saw the problem might occur because of virtual machines. what i want to tell you is i have installed oracle virtual box and what to do in the case of oracle virtual box. how do i change port number in oracle virtual box?

  21. chnmessi

    i find the answer in your comments.the real reason is the vmware workstation , it uses the 443 ssl,then i change the port to the 447.it works,oh ,my god ,before i ingnore the 443 port

  22. Sam

    but skype is not installed on my laptop and i m geting d same msg during installation on xampp..plz give suggestion..

  23. Sam

    as said by chnmess i also got the answer..my laptop is also having the vmware workstation..then how to change the port no. of vmware workstation… plz reply…….

  24. qasim

    God bless you for the article.
    will run ahead and try this now.

  25. wali naimi

    I have the same problem and I’m not using Skype how can i fix XAMPP Installation Error:Port 80 or 443 already in use.Apache2.2 service failed. please let me know. thanks

  26. Alex

    you might need to change the port number by change http.conf file under Xamppappacheconf folder. Search for “Listen 80″ and change it to something else “Listen 81″ also for search for “Listen Localhost:80” and change it to “Listen localhost:81”.
    Also, you need to change port 443 to something else it will be under apache extra folder ( Xamppappacheconfextra find httpd-ssl.conf)search for listen 443 and change it to listen 442 or something else.
    then you can access your webserver using your new port. http:/localhost:81/
    Alternatively, you can stop service worldwide web from your service list and use apache on its default ports

  27. Boutheina

    thanks a lot y’ve saved my time

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