WordPress or Blogger : Which is Best to Start a Blog

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Blogger once proved to be the best platform for blogging and favored by many is no longer the best tool that exists today! Introduction of WordPress, an open source platform for raising both blogs as well as websites has overpowered Blogger.com. We will discuss what is best platform to start a blog : Blogger vs WordPress.Today, we could spot only a few bloggers that still use blogger while WordPress has grown massively with millions of users all over the globe. With said that, what makes WordPress special compared to blogger? Is the most obvious question that rises in the minds of many that WordPress or blogger ! In fact, there are some rock-solid reasons why WordPress is predominantly preferred over Blogger. I have come up with some of the powerful features that have speculated WordPress from blogger comprehensively.

Great control

Complete control is what one expects over his/her blog! However, Blogger doesn’t offer complete control to the users as it is under the control of Google. For instance, if you plan to raise a blog for your professional front, then obviously you may face troubles as Google sometimes removes the posts from your blog without any warnings based on its algorithm. So, it is obvious that even though you are the owner of your blog, Google has the authority and control to add or remove something from your blog. Often if could lead to business ruins. It is almost impossible to retrieve the blogs lost as well. On the other hand, WordPress offers you greater control over your blogs and gives the complete authority to add or remove any posts on your blog. This could do wonders for your business as you are in total control of it and aware of each and every happening on your blog. It clearly is a great advantage over Blogger!

Breathtaking flexibility

When it comes to online business using blogs, adding enhanced features to the blogs become more crucial. However, Blogger under the control of Google never encourages these options. It allows only limited features for developing or modifying a blog. On the other hand, WordPress come up with some interesting and fabulous extensible features which could give your blog a completely different look and feel. When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is far ahead of Blogger. This is another reason why most people favor WordPress over Blogger.

advantages of wordpress over blogger

Optimize blogs

Site and blog optimization is absolutely crucial for the growth of most online businesses. As you know Google holds the control over Blogger, if you think Blogger has some tremendous SEO features in-built, you are totally in for a surprise, as Blogger never come up with such interesting features! So, on using Blogger as your business platform, you have to put in enormous efforts to help your blog rank in the search engine result pages. However, WordPress offers some incredible in-built SEO features which in turn helps your blog to rank easily in the search engines’ search results. You can save enormous time for bringing your website to visibility as WordPress lessens your burden to a great extent with enticing features

Create own domain

Using blogger, you are allowed to create only a sub-domain, and not a website on the main domain. For instance, if pizza delivery is your keyword, in the Blogger it will appear as “pizzadelivery.blogspot.com.”  On the other hand, using WordPress you are allowed to create a website with URL www.pizzadelivery.com with ease. This is a wonderful feature of WordPress that impresses most business owners and users. Having an own domain is the best and ideal way to enhance business prospects rather going for a sub-domain.

Categorize posts

If you are professional blogger, obviously you will be aware of the fact it becomes extremely tough to search blogs of different topics in the Blogger as it doesn’t store blog posts based on categories. In fact, it could be grueling. But, WordPress offers categorization of blog posts which in turn helps a lot while searching for a post. To make it more interesting, you are allowed to publish “n” number of articles under each category. These kinds of user-friendly features really make WordPress more interesting and exciting over Blogger.

Add contemporary touch

No matter what your website or blog is, if you don’t adapt to the latest changes in the market, you are lost! Living up to the trend is the success formula in today’s world. So, in order to achieve that, you have to add some contemporary touch to your business blog. How to expand a blog? Well, today we have plenty of plugins available for this purpose. By simply inserting them in your website or blog, the entire look and feel of your website becomes completely altered. Adding additional features like extensions or plugins is possible only with WordPress, and Blogger offers nothing in this case.

Experiencing RSS feed benefit

RSS feeds are extremely important for creating traffic to your website. Every time a post is published, the RSS feeds are pinged to different directories. In WordPress it happens as an automated process and you don’t have to strain a lot in notifying others that you have added a new post to your blog. No such things exist in Blogger. Simply put, you have to manually notify people every time you create a post for your blog. So, reaching out world becomes extremely easy by setting up a blog in the WordPress website.

I hope the points discussed here would clearly reveal why WordPress is far better than Blogger. I hope everyone enjoyed this article and it is useful.

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