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top seo advices for wordpress blog

Search engine optimization is important for anyone looking to maximize traffic to their site. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the demands of good SEO practices, but improving your search ranking is one of the best ways you can draw greater traffic to your site.

With WordPress, SEO doesn’t have to be an overly difficult process. Getting in the habit of considering search engine optimization when developing all of your content will allow you to boost your search ranking without much hassle. here are some great SEO tips which can help you to boost your search engine keywords ranking and visitors.

Develop a Strong Blog Content

The first step is to be confident in your content. SEO is great for increasing traffic, but the content has to be strong once visitors arrive at your page. The process for developing a good WordPress page doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Pick from the many  WordPress themes and templates, selecting a design that you think will be best suited for your content and style.

Then, make sure that you are regularly updating your site’s content. Fresh content is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site, and it is also one of the considerations search engines pay attention to when determining search ranking. Focus on producing high-quality content on a consistent schedule.

Include Keywords in Important Places

For SEO purposes, it’s important that you use keywords in several places throughout your blog. You may be developing content specifically for SEO. In that case, do some research into the keywords that are searched most frequently (among those that are relevant to your field). Then, write your posts directed at issues that lots of people are searching for.

Once you have produced your content, check to make sure that you have keywords included in several places on your post. In addition to including keywords in your post title, you should modify the post’s address to include a pared down version of the title, focusing on the keywords. In addition, be sure to include keywords a few times in the body of the post.

Some people stop there. But if you really want to improve SEO, make sure you include keywords in your image alt tags, in addition to writing a clear meta description so that users will know what your post is about when it pops up in their search results.

Use Google’s  Analytic and Webmaster Tools

Google has a variety of tools that you can use in order to boost your site’s search ranking.

The tool that every site should be using is Google Analytic. This service connects with your website and analyzes the statistics of your website’s traffic. You will be able to find out where your visitors are coming from, which content they are consuming most, and how long they stay on your site, in addition to many more specific categories of data. Google Analytic is important for SEO because it gives some insight as to the keywords that people are using to find your page. In addition, you can see which content is performing best, as well as seeing which content needs more work.

Also, if you have access to an email address on your site’s server, it pays to sign up for Google Authorship. This is a tool that allows people to add head shots to their posts when they show up on Google.

Studies have shown that users are far more likely to click through to your page if you have a picture included with the search result. So, if you are looking to improve SEO for your blog, it makes sense to do anything you can to improve the likelihood that users will go to your site once it appears in their searches.

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