How Unknown FB Friend can hack facebook account password

trust friend facebook account security

Facebook touches everyone life now  a days. many social as well as personal secretes are shared on Facebook account. There are plenty of groups which are asking for “hack Facebook password” to gain control over Facebook profile for their personal profit.I am going to explain step by step process to how someone reset/recover Facebook password just simply knowing by email associated with our Facebook profile.there are others methods like phishing and key logger but those methods success rate are less. also those ways required a physical access to terminal where victim logged on their FB Account

In this tutorial of hack facebook account password, I will use the new password recovery features of facebook to reset other unknown account password. Please note that my intention was to make more secure account to avoid get hacked your FB account.

What information attackers will use to gain access to FB account

  • Attackers will simply send friend request from three fake Facebook account with  different names and become friends of victims account.(Note that account should at least 1 week old)
  • He will know your Facebook username or email address associated with your account
  • Use new Facebook password recovery option called  – Three Trusted Friend

Step By Step how recovery option become reason of Facebook account hack

  • After knowing your email address attacker will go to and simply click on forgot password link to reset password and you will be prompted with a screen like below

hack facebook password

In Above box,you attacker will write 0  victim’s Facebook account email or FB username or Profile name and click on search and find victims facebook account by clicking “This is my account” link.

  • now click on – link that says “No longer have access to these?” highlighted with yellow in below image

get facebook passwords

  •  It will ask you email address on which you need to receive reset password link, you can enter your own email or fake facebook account email and click next which brings  screen exact like below

how to hack facebook account

  • Now here comes  a trick.Attackers will create  a three Facebook account and become a friends and if those Facebook accounts are 1 Week Old they will show under trusted friends list. attacker will choose those 3 three accounts to send security codes and with the use of those security code he can be able to hack Facebook account associated with  that victim email address

This is a big issue with facebook account if some one hack Facebook account password, so my advice never add or approve unwanted friends or persons you don’t know personally as that can be reasons behind recovering security code.

If you really want to save your friends from getting their account hacked. please share this piece of information on your Facebook account.

Hope you enjoy reading this, any questions related to this topic will be answered by comments.Feel free to ask more ways to protect your facebook account and FB security concerns.


  1. Vlad

    I was under the impression that owner of the FB account controls who will be listed as ‘Trusted Friends’ and who will be listed as merely ‘Friends

    On that note: Most of the people who are listed as Friends at other people’s FB accounts, aren’t really their friends, technically speaking, because the account owner doesn’t actually know them. Most of your ‘friends’ on FB are people who’s names appear on lists where your own name is listed, as members of various groups, political groups, groups that share interests, groups sharing information on particular topics, and so on and so forth, so they aren’t actually your friends.

    I put forth that ‘Contacts’ would be the proper term and should replace the term ‘Friends’ (however appealing it may be and therefore lucrative to), since that is what they are by effect of the real meaning of the word ‘Friend’.

  2. hemant kumar

    Hay m try that method bt on the second step u say about that it will ask u to enter the own/fack a/c to receive the password bt fbs ans is I can’t assess my email account / try again..
    so how can I forgot my password plz ask on my gmail id …

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