Influence of Facebook Connect on eCommerce Conversion Rates

way Facebook connect works

MySpace and Google make a complete bust of changes in the way of Silicon Valley works. Nowadays social networks have gotten to the point where they can share the personal information of users with the third parties instead of collecting information.

The way Facebook connection works

To review how Facebook Connect influence eCommerce, let’s overlook the features of the API. There are two points in which Facebook Connect works.

1. You Can Connect to a Website through Facebook

way Facebook connect works

Facebook, which already has approximately 700 million active daily users, gives business simple facilities to grip their target markets. Connection to Facebook thought a website allows it to do things in a very simple way by providing the third parties a chance to have a link to users’ profile in Facebook and give access to clients’ information to a given extent. Users are asked  to give their permission to give the third parties access to their information.

2. You Can Connect to Facebook through a Website

A connection to websites lets clients to link to Facebook while you are on the other sites. For instance, a user of Facebook listening to music on can login using their Facebook user ID and leave comments or share this music on their Facebook account.

Influence of Facebook Connect on your Businesses

Connecting to a website trough a Facebook is a powerful thing which lets businesses link with the large social networking site.

a. A New Way to Approach the Market

Entering a new market is one of the first stages in business development, what needs to obtain the AIDA (attract, interest, desire, action) rules. Connecting through Facebook can help raise conversion rates noticeably. Some examples of grabbing new clients are given below:

  1. Facebook has 700 million clients with different national backgrounds who use Facebook actively, so this social network is a great place where the business can find new customers globally.
  2. The second point is that Facebook is a highly trusted network and a reliable player in this market. Users show every day the high level of trust by accepting the opportunity of the third parties to gain access to their account.
  3. Another factor that persuades users to register is easy and quick connecting to third party websites through Facebook.

Facebook has announced that websites have increased registration rates between 30% and 200% using Facebook Connect. By the way, Facebook Connect is made considerably easier the choice to register or not when users meet the site for the first time, users are more loyal when they can register by making just several clicks.

b. Analysis of Profiles

Analysis of customers is one of the most effective methods for business. You can do the following:

  1. Sort people by different categories of customers.
  2. Sort messages to different customers’ personal dates.
  3. Develop an effective sales pitch to your target audience.
  4. Communicate with your customers when they are in the most receptive mood.
  5. Detailed analysis of a user’s accounts, their behavior, wishes, and lifestyle, gives you a full picture of your targeted audience, which leads to smart decisions.

c. Markets Expanding

The soul and aim of Facebook is sharing information. Users can share information about their business as well as about themself. Practice shows that when third parties ask someone to share content about the practices of some business strategy, users are glad to share in case they think this content is really interesting and useful.

You just need to begin and when people (friends, acquaintances) start to share your info, then they start a chain reaction. The info will spread between users making your brand more and more popular.

d. Repeat Customers/ Brand Retention

We are observing a great mess in media these days, so any new business has no chance to be noticed without really impressive and creative strategy. But Facebook is still a good platform to stay in the field of vision of your targeted audience thanks to the number of users it has and the time these users spend on the social networking site.

A good practice for brands to induce incremental growth is to attract customers by using social networks such as Facebook and to interact with them by engaging customers in brand related activities such as: participating in polls, rating products, commenting on posts, and sharing information with friends. Being active in your business’ potential customers always leaves your brand in mind, so they are more likely to choose your brand in case they need to choose between several.

eCommerce conversion rates have been positively influenced by Facebook Connect because it makes it easier to get access to new customers, to expand within a current market, and to communicate with registered users and while retaining current customers.

Anna Moseva specializes in SEO techniques for Promodo SEM Company. After graduating with a master’s degree in French and English philology, Anna started her career writing SEO-friendly content and developing link-building strategies. Starting with smaller sites, she’s developed into a top SEO analyst for several prominent hosting providers’ sites. Anna is up to date on all of the tools and techniques needed to boost ranking in search engines

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