List of hidden facebook emoticons and Smileys for Chat

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Demand of hidden facebook emoticons becomes high with the great popularity of facebook social networks, people are start chatting with facebook instead of IM’s like yahoo and msn.Facebook emoticons are small pictures which are used to express your view/Smileys expression by word.

For example, Expressing your smile on facebook,Instead of writing word Smile” you can use :)

facebook smiley emoticons are very popular and you would have used already but not everyone know all of them (at least I didn’t) , and you can amaze your friends with using secret facebook emoticons.

Most of people are addict of using emotions from facebook emoticons list to express their views. cool facebook emoticons add a magic flavor to attract and feel cool to another persons. also facebook emoticons on chat can help you to type less words.

There  are lots of new emoticons coming with the evolve of facebook.

Facebook emoticons smileys -Best smileys and emoticons for Facebook

The list includes the hidden facebook emoticons which may be not found in your Facebook emoticons list. If you found it new emotions, you can append Facebook emoticons codes to your collection.

Here are list of emotions for robot emoticon, Putnam emoticon,Facebook kiss emoticon,wink emoticon,tongue emoticon, smiling emoticon,sad face emoticon,Facebook penguin emoticon,Facebook woot emoticon,Facebook devil emoticon.


new cool facebook emoticons codes

anotherfew Facebook doh emoticon,pacman emoticon, Facebook angel emoticon

facebook emoticons and smiles

Friends,try above Facebook emotions and Smileys on Facebook.If you know of any Facebook chat emoticon not mentioned here, you can comment below !

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    how to send frind request in blocked days

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